MCL64 – MOS 6510 Emulator works in Commodore 64

I received my MC64 PCB in the mail today which I plugged it into my Commodore 64 and was happy to get some decent results!

The MCL64 is a port of my MCL65+ project to the MOS 6510 pinout so it can be used as a drop-in replacement for the Commodore 64’s CPU. It uses my 6502 emulator which runs on the Teensy 4.1 which is an Arduino-like board which runs at 600Mhz+ and has 1MB of memory. The 6510 emulation can either be cycle accurate or it can run significantly faster than the original processor!

I am able to boot to BASIC and run a print “Hello World” program, so one of the next steps will be to try running some of the C64 cartridge images directly from the processor’s on-board RAM. I will probably need to add some code to support the C64’s bank switching internally to do this.

I will post the source files on GitHub shortly.

So far so good!

MCL64 – MOS 6510 Emulator works in Commodore 64

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