Brother Word Processor Arduino Project

Small project which allows user to control the Brother Word Processor as a remote keyboard using an Arduino.  You can paste a block of text into the terminal which will be sent to the typewriter for quick printing!

Here is a video of it in action:   YouTube video link

And here is the source code on GitHub:  GitHub link

This was a small weekend project to have some fun with a vintage typewriter/word processor. The serial interface to the word processor is a simple two-wire interface of clock and data where characters are sent as 8-bits.  The longest part of the project was using the logic analyzer to examine what the encoding was for each character!


Brother Word Processor Arduino Project

LED Array Articles

I recently helped my friend Clive “Max” Maxfield with his 12×12 ping-pong LED array by making a simulator which runs on the Arduino GUI so that anyone can create and test a program to run on Max’s LED array.

The idea is that people can develop their own application and test it using my simulator, then submit it to Max so he can run it on the real 12×12 LED array. He will then post a video of the submission!

Here are the articles:

LED Simulator Article Part I

LED Simulator Article Part II



LED Array Articles