Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant System

Just uploaded a few vidos to YouTube of an application that uses the MCL51, the microsequencer-based 8051 core.Β  It is a Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant System.

There are the links:

Lockstep QMR – Artix-7

Lockstep QMR – Spartan-6

The system consists of four modules that have independent voters and the ability to rebuild themselves using data broadcast from neighboring modules. The demonstration videos show modules rebuilding themselves and rejoining the lockstep after receiving multiple types of errors that are injected into each of them.

Because the modules use the microsequencer-based MCL51 processor, the footprint is very small. The complete system consumes around 12% of a Xilinx Artix-7 xc7a35 and about half of a xc6slx9 FPGA.


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Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant System